Polished Selenite Bar
Polished Selenite Bar

Polished Selenite Bar

Title: Selenite Bar
  • Estimated Delivery:Aug 04 - Aug 08

Product description

Polished bars help charge and cleanse your other crystals! Place your other crystals that need to be charged on top of this Selenite bar overnight (or for at least 6 hours to completely cleanse) Selenite can also help to purify and cleanse your space! Place on your desk or next to your night stand in your bedroom for best results. Selenite may also help reduce pain or headaches-just place it on your sore muscle or forehead-within 20 minutes the energy of selenite does it's magic!

**DO NOT submerge selenite for a prolonged time, it can disintegrate.

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Measures: 8" x 1 1/2" x 1/2"

Imported from Morocco

What People Are Saying

such good vibes

These crystals bring such good vibes to my space; they look fabulous and add a touch of zen.  

a unique flair

The crystal jewelry is so cute and adds a unique flair to my outfits.

perfect for meditation

These crystals are perfect for meditation, they help me stay calm and centered during the day.  

adds a special touch

My collection of crystals is growing, each piece adds a special touch to my home.  

conversation starter

The crystal home decor items are a great conversation starter, guests love admiring them.  

empowered and connected

Wearing crystal jewelry makes me feel empowered and connected to the earth's energy.  

make wonderful gifts

Crystals make wonderful gifts; everyone I've given them to has loved the positive energy they bring.