Chocolate Lover's Sampler - 6 bags of yum

Title: Chocolate Lover's Sampler
  • Estimated Delivery:Jul 31 - Aug 04

Product description

Behold, a chocolate banana bundle that dreams are made of! \nThese two flavours are deliciously sweet, without any sugar, or sweeteners of ANY kind! \nOur chocolate covered bananas have only 2 organic ingredients (really!), while our cacao banana crisps have only 4 organic ingredients. \nIf you have a sweet tooth, but really don't want to spike your blood sugar, or break the sugar intake bank, we got you! \n \nBundle contents: \n3 x Chocolate Covered Chewy Bananas-100g \n3 x Cacao Banana Crisps-66g

What People Are Saying

burst of flavor

Each bite delivers a burst of flavor and nutrition, perfect for a wholesome snacking experience.

magical and refreshing

Starting my day with a cup of this aromatic delight uplifts my spirits. The rich taste and smooth texture make mornings magical and refreshing.

quality ingredients and delicious taste

The quality ingredients and delicious taste satisfy my cravings while promoting a healthy lifestyle.