Beyond Infinity Bracelet

  • Estimated Delivery:Jul 31 - Aug 04

Beyond Infinity Bracelet

Beyond Infinity Bracelet

Product description
A large rhinestone-studded infinity pendant attached to a silver plated bracelet
- Each item is handmade and unique, may have slight variations
- This item is adjustable
- Circumference of bracelet: 6-9"

- Please allow 3-5 days for items to ship

What People Are Saying

such good vibes

These crystals bring such good vibes to my space; they look fabulous and add a touch of zen.  

a unique flair

The crystal jewelry is so cute and adds a unique flair to my outfits.

perfect for meditation

These crystals are perfect for meditation, they help me stay calm and centered during the day.  

adds a special touch

My collection of crystals is growing, each piece adds a special touch to my home.  

conversation starter

The crystal home decor items are a great conversation starter, guests love admiring them.  

empowered and connected

Wearing crystal jewelry makes me feel empowered and connected to the earth's energy.  

make wonderful gifts

Crystals make wonderful gifts; everyone I've given them to has loved the positive energy they bring.