5-Wick Dough Bowl Soy Candle - Lavender

  • Estimated Delivery:Jul 31 - Aug 04

5-Wick Dough Bowl Soy Candle - Lavender

5-Wick Dough Bowl Soy Candle - Lavender

Product description

Notes: Lavender, Citrus, Amber, Eucalyptus

Close your eyes and be transported to your favorite spa, the rolling lavender fields of France or in to a deep sleep. With ‘Lavender’ by TLC, all of these things are within reach. Finding your inner serenity, grace and calmness, prepare to breath easy with ‘Lavender’; reducing stress, headaches and giving better sleep.

Product Details: Hand-carved 5-wick wooden dough bowl candles are now available in all TLC Candle Co fragrances! As the perfect gift or provider of a little "me time", our 5-wick candle bowls are made from up to 2 lbs. of 100 percent natural soy wax with all-natural fragrance and lead-free wicks. Each candle is hand poured into unique and equally beautiful dough bowls sizing approximately 20" x 6" x 2". This bowl is easily reusable in your home, by just washing with hot water.

Our 5-wick candle bowls are large and hand-poured on demand. Lead time is currently one week.

Size: 2 lbs. Ingredients: Pure soy wax and essential oil based fragrance with lead free wicks

What People Are Saying

smells like happiness

Love lighting this candle; the scent is amazing and fills the room perfectly.  

creates a warm atmosphere

My go-to for cozy evenings, this candle creates a warm atmosphere that's so relaxing. 

long-lasting fragrance

the fragrance lingers for hours. Great for unwinding after a long day.  

simply delightful

A favorite for setting a calming mood in any space, this candle's aroma is simply delightful.  

just what I need

Lighting this candle instantly makes my space feel cozy; the gentle scent is just what I need to unwind.